Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road & Engine ECU Tuning

Here at I A Motorsport we use a Dyno Dynamics dynamometer, now being regarded as the industry standard. Capable of sample rates of 5000 times per second to keep an eye on even the smallest changes.

Dynamometer's are used for much more than just finding out your car's power. Our dyno has the ability to log and graph many aspects of the cars internal workings such as Air to Fuel ratio, boost levels and any other fluctuations an engine may have. Any modifications to a vehicle can drastically change the vehicles air fuel ratio which in turn could make the engine run rich or lean.

Our logging capabilities are:

  • BHP
  • Torque
  • MPH
  • AFR (Air Fuel Ratio)
  • Lambda
  • Boost
  • Acceleration

Engine ECU Tuning

The ECU or Engine Control Unit, is an electronic device that controls many aspects of how the engine runs, by determing the amount of fuel and when to ignite the mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine. The ECU is vital to make the engine work and make it run reliably. When modifying your vehicle's engine in any way can cause your original ECU to over/under fuel and cause the engine to run rich or lean. This can be dangerous for the engine and could lead to a serious failiure

IA Motorsport are able to tune many makes and models of custom ECU's such as Hondata, Nistune and Apexi to name just a few. By using our 2 wheel rolling road dyno, we can precisely tune your ecu to make the most out of the current engine spec.

Here at I A Motorsport we also tune carburettors with distributor ignition or programable ignition. We have tuned may carb engine from Holly's to bike carbs.

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Dyno Dynamics Dyno


Hondata ECU Tuning


Nistune ECU Tuning


Apexi ECU Tuning

Dyno Dynamics Dyno