4 Wheel Alignment

I A Motorsport has a computerised 4 wheel laser alignment system with an accuracy of 0.01 degree. This accuracy along with the skill and knowledge that I A Motorsport offer allows the vehicle to be setup to your particular needs.

We can accommodate:

  • Road
  • Track
  • Drift
  • Drag
  • Or any combination.

Corner Weighting

Adjusting the corner weights to balance a vehicle is crucial for overall handling. Weight distribution effects acceleration, braking and cornering. It's not always as straight forward as 50% cross weight though! Sometimes you may require loading on particular wheels to assist in controlling the vehicle. Whatever you need for any situation we should be able to assist you. After a corner weight session has been carried out you will generally require 4 wheel alignment.

Track side assistance

I A Motorsport also offer track side assistance, assisting in taking data and tuning your vehicle. Data can then later be used to enhance the vehicle wheel alignment.

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