Chassis Dyno

I A Motorsport uses a Dyno Dynamics 2 wheel drive chassis Dyno. Capable of handling 1200hp with sample rates of 5000 per second.

A Dynamometer has two main uses, tuning and fault diagnosis. The Dyno can be used for all types of engine tuning including carburettor and distributor ignition system as well as the more common ECU.

Logging capabilities:

  • WHP
  • FWHP
  • Torque
  • AFR
  • Boost
  • Speed
  • Add any 0-5 volt sensor you require.. including thermocouples

Dyno hire

You can hire I A Motorsports Dyno and room by the hour or day. In this situation the vehicle any Dyno will be operated by I A Motorsport while you carry out tuning or tests that you need to.

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