Chassis Dyno

IA Motorsport operates a Dyno Dynamics 2 wheel drive chassis Dyno. Capable of handling 1200hp+ with sample rates of 5000 per second.

Room Extraction

The dyno room has two large room extractions fans and a dedicated exhaust extraction system allowing a full air change every 10 seconds. The dyno cell maintains a good temperature and has zero exhaust fumes resulting in more accurate and safe environment.

Cooling Fans

The Main cooling fan delivers a true 70 mph air speed at its outlet enabling high power vehicles to stay cool under steady state tuning. There are also mobile cooling fans for additional cooling, eg: rear engine vehicles

Logging capabilities:

  • Wheel HP
  • Flywheel HP
  • Torque
  • Air Fuel Ratio
  • Boost
  • Speed
  • K type thermocouples

Rolling Road Dyno Hire

You can hire I A Motorsports Rolling Road and room by the hour or day. In this situation the vehicle any Dyno will be operated by I A Motorsport while you carry out tuning or tests that you need to.

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